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Kinderland-Schorfheide - Registration form 2015
 Please, book just one person in this e-formular!

Eberswalder Ch. 14 - 16244 Schorfheide/OT Eichhorst - GERMANY

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Size of t-shirt* In the summer the t-shirt is included. For other times you can optionally order the t-shirt for 12 EUR extra .
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My child can swim.* If selected "no"  your child gets water wings while bathing in the lake.
The staff may remove ticks from my child.* Choice "no"  can cause extra costs for transport to a doctor.
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Sending  ...* If selected "no"  we charge you 6 EUR extra for administration efford.
contract conditions read and accepted,
the booking person is the legal guardian of the  child registered*
We grant a right of withdrawel till 10 days after booking. This right is valid till 4 weeks before start of travel.

For booking online you need a valid e-mail adress!

Payment terms:

The payment is made with a deposit of 50 EUR within 10 days after booking date. The rest of the charge is payable by no later than: 
for spring     till    31.03.2015,
for summer   till    16.06.2015 &
for autum     till  29.09.2015

Statement of data privacy:
We use your data solely for the communication with you and won´t pass it to third parties.